Hello Friends
    Welcome to my corner of Internet

    I'm bugswriter and my real name is on top of the site. I am a 24 old guy from India, who loves computers and softwares. I'm a software engineer, a teacher and a tech youtuber. But most importantly I am a man of culture.

This place is home for all my psychological dysfunctioning. A place where I am in control, with no censorship or manupilation. A place where my words don't get mixed up with noise.

key points about me -
  • I like being honest with myself.
  • I have very sensitive cringe sensors.
  • I hate ads.
  • I don't sleep at nights.
  • I love computer science and technology.
  • I hate emojis
  • I believe in good humor or no humor at all.
moshi moshi !

serial ex lain
lain is everywhere
my youtube summary -
[last updated: 08/05/23]

  • channel - bugswriter
  • subs - 20,000
  • vids - 206
  • views - 3,286,201